Of Sword and Spear: A study of ancient weapons technologies and their influence on human evolution and culture
Ryley Johnson
Summer 2019
Anders Carlson
Spring 2019
The Rising Threat of the Internet of Things
Javen Zamojcin
Spring 2018
Echoes of Misinformation
Colton Stanislawski
Spring 2018
My Dog Ate My Computer
Anders Erik Palarz
Spring 2018
Isle Royale Wolves: A Brief Discussion of Their Current Dilemma
John Baker
Spring 2018
Social Media: The World’s Newest Source of Profit
Breeanne Heusdens
Spring 2018
Introducing Recycled Plastics into Big Industry
Nick Maitrejean
Spring 2018
Implications of Extracorporeal Support
Katelyn Ramthun
Spring 2018
The Ethics of Biochemistry
Ethan Burghardt
Spring 2018